विज्ञापन पॉलिसी

The following are the Ad policy defined for Service providers, Service seekers, property landlord, Rented property seekers and Business houses.

Policy for Service Seeker

  1. Service seekers can post their Ads, which is absolutely FREE, as many as they want ( i.e. for different category / subcategory ).
  2. The Ad will be live at sevabazaar.in for maximum of 60 days only, after that it would be deleted automatically by sevabazaar.in ( this is sole right of sevabazaar.in)
  3. At any point of time user can also delete their Ads, if it is not at all required further.

Policy for Service Providers

Ad of service providers would be absolutely FREE. If SevaBazaar’s policies gets changed regarding the charges for advertisement at site, then the same will be informed to all in advance. After, it would be optional for the Ad provider whether they choose to continue or not.

Premium Ads

The Ads provider ( Both Service seeker and Service provider ), wishes to highlight their Ads at SevaBazaar website, then they will be charged a “PREMIUM” based on the following rates.

  1. Quarterly : Rs. 300.00
  2. Half Yearly : Rs. 500.00
  3. Yearly : Rs. 800.00

Policy for Commercial Business Houses

  1. Commercial Business House can post their commercial Ads within the specified size & Spaces provided by sevabazaar.in.
  2. Business Houses should provide their Ads in .jpg, .jpeg format only.
  3. The following rates would be applicable for Commercial Ads.